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Ayahuasca, also known as the spirit vine or yaje, among other names is the name for a brew, tea, or concoction, made from the Banisteriopsis vine and usually mixed with leaves of dimethyltrypamine-containing shrubs (DMT).   Native to the Amazon region of Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru, Ayahuasca tea and Ayahuasca brew is unique in that, by themselves, the two ingredients will no effects, but together, they produce the psychoactive effects that have made the brew well-known.  This Ayahuasca tea is an amazing find and something that I just had to put up a site about and share.  The history is too cool, and the Ayahuasca effects are off the hook.

But wait, you’ve come to the “About” page to learn ‘about’ me…. just who’s website/blog is this, anyway?  My name is JT and I am just another average consumer (and obvious Ayahuasca enthusiast) who became frustrated with some of the misinformation out there and the online herbal scams.  So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and set up a site with some good reviews to cut through the garbage. I am confident that the information on this site will help you to do the same.


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