Tips on Drinking the Ayahuasca Tea

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The internet is awash with the different types of ayahuasca tea alternatives as well as ayahuasca recipe concoctions. However, there is little information on the web regarding different ways of drinking the ayahuasca tea. Therefore, if you are surfing for information on how to take the ayahuasca tea, then this should help give you a bit of direction.

Whereas most people tend to think that the hardest part lies in the preparation of the ayahuasca tea, unknown to them is that the most difficult part could be drinking it. A majority of first-time drinkers are usually surprised by the difficulty experienced in swallowing the drink after just taking the first sip of this medicinal plant concoction.

These are some are tips and guidelines on how to swallow the ayahuasca tea with ease:ayahuasca drink Tips on Drinking the Ayahuasca Tea

First and foremost, if you have never taken the ayahuasca tea before, it is highly recommended that you consume just half of the normal dosage. In addition, wait for at least two hours before taking the next dose. Do not take another dose before this time elapses. This is because ayahuasca takes some time before taking effect on your body. If you are not feeling any adverse side effects, then you can increase the dosages.

Secondly, ensure that you have a glass of juice or lemonade next to you. There are no restrictions on the flavors that you can take. Do not take the ayahuasca tea with your favorite juice. This is because you will associate it the herbal drink. As such, you may be tempted to avoid it in the near future.  The reason for drinking juice with the herbal drink is to try and minimize the unpleasant taste of the ayahuasca tea.

Thirdly, do not be tempted to take the herbal drink with soda. This is because soda tends to trigger headaches when taken with the herbal concoction. What’s worse is that the headache can last for approximately 2 hours.

Fourthly, rub minty paste around your nostrils so as to try and mask the smell produced whilst breathing.

Last but not least, have two or three portions of potent seasoned chewing gum or chocolate (look for brand that contains strong mint or cinnamon). You can either chew the gum whilst drinking the concoction or immediately after. This will enable you to get rid of the nasty taste left in the mouth.

To avoid feeling nauseated ensure that you are sitting down and are in a calm mental state.  Should nausea set in anyway, which is quite common, it does pass after a time and the ayahuasca effects are soon after still enjoyable.

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  1. moop says:
    September 14th, 2012 at 10:51 pm

    I have heard that cocoa is possibly dangerous along with MAOI inhibitors such as the Vine. Is the amount in chocolate small enough to be considered unrisky?

    Also, when this tea is finished, how long can it be stored? Would it maintain its efficacy if it were stored in a bottle in the fridge and used occasionally over weeks or months?

    Thanks for all the info!

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