What is Ayahuasca and General Guide To Ayahuasca Effects

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Ayahuasca tea is definitely the most talked about brew in the whole of South America. At a time when people are clutching at practically anything that promises a fine escape from the terrible realities of life, such a versatile brew is sure to remain popular among those who have tried or even just heard about it. Despite its widespread use, not even those who buy Ayahuasca have the slightest hint about how it is prepared, let alone how it is able to achieve its unique effects. What is for sure is that Ayahuasca effects are simply out of this world and can hardly be explained in words.  Simple proof of that can be seen in the volume of Ayahuasca art that is available that is just amazing.

Exactly What Is Ayahuasca?

There is no point going to buy Ayahuasca without a grip of what it is all about. Ayahuasca is simply a powerful hallucinogenic brew prepared from the Banisterioayahuasca2 300x225 What is Ayahuasca and General Guide To Ayahuasca Effectspsis caapi vine, mixed with leaves of various dimethyltryptamine plants. It is employed by many natives of the Amazon region for both healing and divination purposes. The unique thing about this concoction in that neither of the ingredients can even mimic the Ayahuasca effects when taken alone.  They must be combined and there are so many different combinations, or Ayahuasca recipes, that it would blow your mind.  The effects of the Ayahuasca brew can be classified as:

For both cases, science is yet to draft a perfect explanation but people still continue to buy Ayahuasca since its effects are more than proven.

Physical Effects

Since Ayahuasca is a combination of a number of substances, the degree of the physical Ayahuasca effects depend on the ratios. Ayahuasca induces vomiting and at pablo1 300x225 What is Ayahuasca and General Guide To Ayahuasca Effects(many) times diarrhea, thus inducing the body to get rid of worms and several other parasites. Aside from vomiting, other possible effects are:

Many people buy Ayahuasca because the vomiting and defecation makes one feel like they have been purified from the inside out.

Mental Effects

Mental, or psychological, Ayahuasca effects are arguably the most profound of all psychedelic experiences owing to the strong hallucinogenic alkaloids contained. Vision is usually the most affected sense, and those who buy Ayahuasca reveal that the experience is akin to having dream-like imagery. This is what has been translated as spirit deities, helpers and demons. Some experience flying sensations and allegedly their own death. These are the reasons why people buy Ayahuasca for religious and spiritual purposes.

Some studies indicate that Ayahuasca can also cure depression, addiction and anxiety. The only way to attest to these Ayahuasca effects is thus to buy yours and give it a try.  Before doing so, however, it is advised that you a significant amount of research on both the Ayahuasca recipes, ayahuasca effects and even the history of the ayahuasca tea and it’s use by shamans to have a real understanding of the brew before taking part in your own Ayahuasca experience.

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    well so far it hasn’t been banned anywhere, so i’ll take that as a good sign ;)

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    well it’s a fantastic way to connect with the spirits… this is a great discovery

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