What is Mimosa Hostilis and What are Its Effects?

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Mimosa hostilis is also popularly known as the Mimosa tenuiflora as well as Mimosa jurema. The rootbark of this herb plays an effective role in the history and psychedelic shamanism present as well. It is regarded as the only herb that is used as an oral ingested brew. This herb with nil aid of other plant induces the visionary experiences that resemble Ayahuasca. In the history of Brazil Mimosa bark is used in Vinho da Jurema which is considered to be a special preparation and ingestion of Mimosa hostilis. Jurema is even used as the commonest source by western people to prepare Anahuasca that is a potent brew with similar kind of psychopharmacology viz. MAO-inhibiting and DMT-bearing like Ayahuasca.


The effects of Mimosa hostilis              mimosa hostilis 300x225 What is Mimosa Hostilis and What are Its Effects?

Currently, Mimosa hostilis combined with Peganum harmala is used for the preparation of Anahuasca. This is an infusion of psychedelic with similar effects to Ayahuasca. The effects can be efficaciously described as the mental and physical purge altogether with a connection of 4 hour with the one which is otherwise imperceptible. This purge is not much strong as compared to the Ayahuasca. The intensity is dependent upon several factors. Some drinkers may have an initial weak effect and most of the drinkers could experience something similar to the low dose of psilocybin mushrooms or LSD which is combined with the stomach cramps for first two hours. With strong doses of Mimosa hostilis, drinkers may experience a drastic alteration in the reality interpretation or some type of transport of the entire senses to other dimension. Anahuasca is effectually known to reveal bright and dark side of vision. It tells stories of a drinker and everything that surrounds him or her in universe. Many drinkers may not get visions. However, they experience Anahuasca via other senses. Some drinkers get diarrhea and vomit. When jurema it taken alone effects are same. There is albeit of around three hours with less stomachache, nausea and related discomforts. If the extract made from Mimosa bark is used as incense then it could induce a 15 minute experience of psychedelic borrowing elements via experience of Anahuasca and the drastic alteration in reality’s interpretation or transport of entire senses to other dimension.


Exploring total information on Mimosa hostilis

Mimosa hostilis is used in variable doses viz. 5, 10 and 15 grams which are considered as low, normal and high dose respectively. For Anahuasca making jurema is powdered and formed into an infusion with hot water. Depending upon the method of brewer, this infusion is taken 1 to 24 hours. Some form 2 or more infusions from similar plant and add them together. In some cases acidifiers like lemon juice and vinegar are introduced to fasten the extraction. Typical boiling is 1.5 to 4 hours. The resultant liquid is ten boiled to small size and drunk 15 minutes to one hour after taking preparations of 3 – 4 gm or 50 – 150 gm of Banisteriopsis caapi respectively. A psychoactive liquid could be made from the powdered Mimosa bark in cold water.

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