Ayahuasca Recipe Notes for Brewers

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Ayahuasca is a well known psychoactive plant.  It comes in both yellow and black varieties with the black being the stronger of the two.  Black varieties are also known as thunder, while the yellow varieties are called heaven.  Used as a religious sacrament, this plant has a long history of use in the rain forests of the Amazon.  Inexperienced users of Ayahuasca tea should be very careful at least when starting out.  This vine can produced extreme bouts of nausea but there are ways to ensure you don’t fall victim to it.  This ayahuasca recipe is one of the very best, passed down through many years of religious divination in the Amazon.

When preparing Ayahuasca tea, you’re going to need to remember something.  There are many, many admixtures (additional ingredients) that you can add to improve the potency, smell, and quality of the mixture.  Alone, macerated ayahuasca vine isn’t enough by itself for most people.  Instead of just accepting a sub-par brew, most people add all kinds of additional ingredients.  You know what works for you, and there is no harm in trying to improve upon a recipe that is already fairly potent by itself.

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12 pieces of fresh ayahuasca vine (macerated)

200 leaves of oco YagE’

4-5 leaves of Jatropha Curcas

3 leaves of petaquina (Dieffenbachia sp.)

Enough water to allow for 12 hours of boiling

Combine all the ingredients together in a stainless steel melting pot.  Add the water and boil it down until there is only 1 liter of liquid left.  This will leave you with a breathtakingly potent ayahuasca brew mixture that is sure to please.

Here is a second ayahuasca recipe that is also highly prized by the people of the Amazon.

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Ayahuasca Meditation Tea

30-40 pieces of Ayahuasca vine

200-300 chacruna leaves

Several leaves of ajo sacha (Mansoa alliasea)

Several leaves of Mucura (Petiveria alliacea)

Several leaves of guayusa

Enough water for 12 hours of boiling

First, get yourself a large melting pot, preferably stainless steel.  Add all the ingredients together.  Add the water and boil for 12 hours until you are left with around 1 liter of liquid.  Three extractions should be made with this method, as the ingredients keep some of their potency.

As before, if you need help locating the ingredients for these recipes, check out the online suppliers that we review on our home page, many of which will ship any of these products worldwide.

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