The Ayahuasca Recipe That Induces Euphoria

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Ayahuasca recipes are able to induce extreme amounts of euphoria and closed eye visuals.  If you are a first time experimenter, you’re going to want to have someone experienced with the ayahuasca brew advising you and making sure you don’t go overboard.  It’s easy to overdose on these concoctions, so be very careful with your ayahuasca recipe preparation.  Boil it down too much, and you run the risk of a brew that is far too potent.  Boil it too little and you run the risk of a sub-par brew that isn’t worthy of your time.  This recipe will work out perfectly if you do it right, so as long as you are in the Amazon, you should be pretty safe.

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8 pieces of ayahuasca vine 30 cm long and 10 cm in diameter

1 chacruna leaves

12 leaves of chiric sanango (Brunfelsia grandiflora)

40 liters of water

Combine all the ingredients into a melting pot.  Add the water and boil it down for the entire day.  Strain the plant material out of the mixture and boil it down so that you are left with around a liter of brew.  This is going to be an extremely potent brew so ensure that you don’t drink too much of it.  Actually, do a test run.  Take a very small sip and wait.  Then, a few hours later, after you gauge the potency of the brew, take another sip if you need to.  By doing this with all your Ayahuasca recipes, you will ensure that you don’t overdose.  It’s very easy to overdose on Ayahuasca tea, so always air on the side of caution.

There are many admixtures (extra ingredients) you can use to make Ayahuasca recipes.  The added ingredients add both effects, flavor, and nice aromas.  Experimenting should be off limits to brand new users, but there are many, many more recipes to discover.

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  1. Micah says:
    June 13th, 2013 at 9:53 pm

    How many people is this recipe for?

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