Ayahuasca Recipe

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Ayahuasca, also known by other such common names as Yaje, ‘spirit vine’ and ‘vine of the souls’, is a natural wonder that many have yet to discover.   The ayahuasca tea or ayahuasca brew is made from a combination of the ayahuasca vine mixed with other psychoactive plants.   Ayahuasca has been used by shamans in it’s native Amazon goddess 001aa 300x200 Ayahuasca Reciperegion for centuries for spiritual guidance and to treat illnesses.

In modern society (ie – now), Ayahuasca Tea is used to make a plethora of concoctions that bring pleasure and enlightenment to many.   Countries in the Amazon region, such as Peru, have begun to profit off of the west’s discovery of ayahuasca with what is now being called “drug tourism”, whereby tourists are flocking to jungles for a catered shamanic spiritual experience.   What if you didn’t have to jet down to the Amazon jungle to experience ayahuasca?   Well, you don’t.  You can buy ayahuasca vine and ayahuasca products online and we’re going to tell you where.   Add to that, the ayahuasca recipe guides that you’ll need to whip up your own ayahuasca tea, and you’re well on your way.

Ready to give Ayahuasca Tea a try?  Who wouldn’t be!  We’ve compiled a list of some of the top suppliers of ayahuasca products for you and we’ll be bringing a ton of articles and further in depth information on this fantastic vine so that you can get all of your ayahuasca recipe information in one place.   Be sure to come back often – and don’t forget to share your ayahuasca experience with us!

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Shayana Shop Review

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shayanashop Shayana Shop Review

ShayanaShop.com is a Holland-based online smartshop that specializes in magic mushrooms, cannabis seeds and other psychedelics, including cacti and Ayahuasca recipe products.  They do have some shipping restrictions on some products but NOT on Ayahuasca products or Mimosa Hostilis – shipping to the U.S.  Yay.mimosa hostilis Shayana Shop Review

Shayana Shop carries some killer Ayahuasca Recipe products that will have you ready to mix up your ayahuasca brew in no time.   They carry the all-important Mimosa hostilis bark, with preparation instructions.    All of their Ayahuasca products ship worldwide – no restrictions.  Shayana Shop also sells Banisteriopsis Caapi, Diplopteris cabrerana, Psychotria Viridis (chacruna), Virola Bark, and Peganum Harmala seeds.  The Ayahuasca mother load for sure.  And, for those who don’t wish to measure and match ingredients, Shayana Shop also has six different Ayahuasca Recipe Kits that are ready to go with all of the ingredients and preparation instructions.  Just pick the kit with the ingredients that appeal to you and start brewing.  All of these Ayahuasca items are available to ship worldwide!

Shayana Shop takes major credit cards, bank transfer and cash.  They even give a 10% discount if you send them cash (provided you want to wait longer Banisteriopsis Caapi Shayana Shop Reviewfor your shipment).  They ship all items discreetly and most arrive in 5-14 business days depending on your location.   They do have a re-shipping policy and stand behind their service and have a solid customer service record with almost 10 years in business online.  That being said, we recommend Shayanashop.com as trusted source of Ayahuasca recipe products.  Pick some up or one of their Kits and don’t forget to come back and let us know about it.

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shayanashop Shayana Shop Review


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Avalon Magic Plants Review

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Avalon Avalon Magic Plants Review

Avalon Magic Plants is a Netherlands-based online botanicals shop that specializes in cool natural hallucinogens, such as shrooms, Cacti (peyote), Salvia, and – Ayahuasca.  They do, however, impose shipping restrictions on many items but Ayahuasca products are NOT one of them, so we’re all good here.ayahuasca banisteriopsis white caapi powder Avalon Magic Plants Review

Avalon Magic Plants has a great range of Ayahuasca recipe ingredients – these include: Mimosa hostilis bark and Mimosa hostilis powder, Psychotria viridis (chacruna) leaves,   Banisteriopsis Caapi Red Vine, White Vine and Yellow Vine – available in shredded and powder form.   They also carry Clavo Husaca powder, Diplopterys cabrerana (chaliponga) leaves, Virola calophyla bark powder (white virola) and Peganum harmala (Syrian Rue).   All of these ayahuasca items are available to ship worldwide – no restrictions.  Avalon Magic Plants has a ton of payment options, including major credit cards, bank transfer, western union and even cash.  If you are in the psychotria viridis Avalon Magic Plants ReviewU.S., expect to wait a bit longer for shipping though as they are overseas.  It could take 2-3 weeks to get your items.

Avalon Magic Plants does stand behind their products and service with a Satisfaction Guarantee and refund policy and that’s key.  They get our recommendation as a quality Ayahuasca source and many others agree.  Give them a try and come back and let us know what you think!

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Bouncing Bear Botanicals Review

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BouncingBearBotanicals Bouncing Bear Botanicals Review

Bouncing Bear Botanicals is an online exotic plant and entheogens seller that has been in the biz for close to 10 years.    In addition to Ayahuasca Recipe items, they caapishredded Bouncing Bear Botanicals Reviewalso have lines of Kratom, Amanita Muscaria, Blue Lotus, Yerba Mate and Natural Incense, among other things.  Based in Kansas, Bouncing Bear Botanicals has a very strong customer base and a great line up of ethnobotanical products.  Want to discuss herbs with like-minded folk?  They have an active forum linked to their site as well.

As we said in the PlantDyes review, Bouncing Bear Botanicals does NOT carry everything you need to put together an Ayahuasca receipe, particularly the key components that many (not all) use of mimosa hostilis and Chaliponga or Chacruna.  They DO, however, have several other ingredients, including the Ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis Caapi), from Peru and Hawaii (vines and leaves).  They also have Iporuru extract (Alchornea floribunda) and Syrian Rue seeds (Peganum Harmala), which are a very popular additive to Ayahuasca tea.

Another possibility from Bouncing Bear is a live Caapi plant (Banisteriopsis caapi), although they are currently out of stock.  For the other ingredients to make Ayahuasca, you will, unfortunately need to order overseas and PlantDyes.net WAS handling that before they played Houdini so look at the top reviews on our site for the other stuff .   As for these items Bouncing Bear has a generous range of payment options – all major credit cards, checks, money order, cash, wire transfer, even Gold!  You can also order via fax and mail.  Shipping is generally same day USPS and at a flat rate of $6.00.  International shipping is available and all packaging is discreet.

We only give the highest ratings to suppliers who stand behind their products and service and Bouncing Bear Botanicals does just that.  They guarantee the quality of their products and their customer’s satisfaction and have a refund policy.  There are ongoing specials and sale items on their site and, if spend over $75.00, you will find Coupon Codes on the site to start chopping away at your total.  Definitely one of our most recommended.  Check them out and come back and let us know what you think!

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 Bouncing Bear Botanicals Review


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HighStreet Review

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HighStreet HighStreet Review

Highstreet.nl is a Netherlands (Amsterdam) – based online smartshop that has been in business for over 10 years and has a massive selection of products in it’s Smartshop, Banisteriopsis caapi1 HighStreet ReviewHeadshop, Seedshop and Growshop.  They do have shipping restrictions on some items, but NOT on Ayahuasca products to the U.S.  We’ll get into other country restrictions per each product.

Highstreet carries six Ayahuasca recipe products and then a line of Ayahuasca Kits.   There are only shipping restrictions on the Ayahuasca Kits and these are to:  Australia, Finland, Norway, and New Zealand.  Otherwise, it’s wide open – no other shipping restrictions!   Highstreet carries Six Different Ayahuasca Kits that contain different ayahuasca recipe ingredients with instructions for preparation.  These are all priced at €15.00 each and they are ALL in stock at this time.  Aside from the kits, you can stock up on the ingredients to make your own ayahuasca brew.   They have Banisteriopsis Caapi Black, Red, White, and Yellow; Chalipong leaves, Mimosa Hostilis whole and powder form, Psychotria Virdis, Peganum harmala, and Yopo Seeds (Anadenathera chaliponga leaves HighStreet ReviewColubrina).   Again, all of these ship worldwide – no restrictions.

Highstreet accepts Major credit cards, Bank Transfer, Cash, COD and they generally ship within 24 hours.  Shipping is TNT to the United States and delivery is generally 2-10 days.  Global  and expedited shipping is also available, as is insurance.

Highstreet.nl stands behind their products with a Money Back Guarantee.  They allow returns and exchanges within 30 days of delivery if you are not satisfied.   That being said, we recommend them as a trusted source of quality ensured  Ayahuasca recipe products and Ayahuasca kits.  Check them out and don’t forget to come back and share your experience with us!

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Shamanic Extracts Review

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ShamanicExtracts Shamanic Extracts Review

Shamanic Extracts is a large European (Netherlands) supplier of ethnobotanicals that carries Ayahuasca Recipe items and Ayahuasca Kits as well as many other AyahuascaKit4510 Shamanic Extracts Reviewproducts such as Salvia Extract, Kratom Extract, Blue Lotus, Amanitas Extract and even Peyote seeds.  These guys have been in business for over 11 years online, make their own extracts and sell worldwide directly to both consumers and businesses.

What makes Shamanic Extracts unique, without a doubt, are their Ayahuasca Kits.  If you’ve read the articles here and the first 2 reviews, your head is probably swimming with confusion as to how you’re going to assemble all of this stuff and put it together correctly, without wasting a ton of time and money.  Problem solved right here.   Shamanic Extracts has taken 6 Different Ayahuasca Recipes and assembled kits.  All kits contain the ingredients necessary to make the Ayahuasca tea and include detailed instructions.  Ayahuasca Kits are available as “1 Person Kits” or “5 Person Kits” and start at $19.00.  They are available to ship Worldwide.  Essentially, you’ll just need to do your research and decide which ingredients appeal to you the most and pick a kit.  Or, check out the reviews that they have on each of them (some have more than others).

Provided you’re still intent on doing this the hard way and want to make your Ayahuasca from “scratch”, they do carry the raw ingredients d 54 300x219 Shamanic Extracts Reviewto make Ayahuasac tea as well, such as Mimosa hostilis root bark, Caapi, Syrian Rue, psychotria viridis and various species of virola.   Again, worldwide shipping.

Shamanic Extracts has a wide range of payment options including major credit cards, cash, wire transfer and ordering by mail.  Shipping to the U.S. will generally only take about a week and their site has a plethora of customer service options available for questions and support, even a help desk system.  If you’re looking for some unique, and potent, Ayahuasca Experiences this is certainly the place to grab them with their Ayahuasca Kits.  Don’t forget to leave your feedback after you do.

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Azarius Review

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Azarius Azarius Review

spirit elixir Azarius ReviewAzarius.net is a Holland-based online head shop that sells a ton of legal herbs, party pills, psychedelics, seeds, paraphernalia, etc.  It has been online for over 12 years and lists over 1000 products.  They even have a real store in Amsterdam.  Sounds great, right?  Well, not necessarily, depending on where you live.  Unfortunately, these guys keep awfully good track of what’s legal where and have very strict shipping rules.  So, you may find the product of your dreams on this site, only to see at the bottom, where it says “Shipping restrictions”: that they will not ship to your country.   So why include them?  Easy, not all of our site’s visitors come from the U.S. (absurd notion, right?).  HOWEVER – At this time, their Ayahuasca products, including their kits ARE shipping to the U.S. – just NOT to France, Estonia or Australia.

So, if you are in the U.S., Canada and most of Europe, YOU can purchase their ready-made Ayahusca Kits, called Spirit Elixirs, in 6 different varieties, if they’re in stock.  Similar to what Shamanic Extracts offers, these are different Ayahuasca Recipes, with different ingredients that are ready to be put together and come with detailed instructions.  They sell these as single kits (1 dose) and they start just under $15 each.mimosa bark Azarius Review

Aside from the Ayahuasca Kits (Spirit Elixirs), Azarius has everything you would need to put together a powerful batch of Ayahuasca brew with your own Ayahuasca recipe.   Mimosa hostilis powder and mimosa bark are available as well as Ayahuasca vine (caapi),  Syrian Rue, Chacruna (Psychotria viridis), Chaliponga and much more.

Strangely, again, they do not take credit cards or paypal, but they do have a good list of payment options that should suit just about everyone (see below).  Azarius has a forum connected to their site as well as a great customer support system set up.  So, if you are in a country that can advantage of their services, give them a whirl and let us know what you think.

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azarius Azarius Review

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Grass City Review

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GrassCity Grass City Review

GrassCity.com is another Netherlands-based online head shop that sells a variety of “head shop” materials and legal highs items, including Ayahuasca Recipe products, such as mimosa hostilis.    Again, not a new “flash in the pan” smartshop, but a store that’s been open for over 11 years and has a solid customer base as well as an active forum, with over 140,000 members.  Their website selection is huge – over 5,000 items, and they provide quality and value for your money.
bcaapi 1 Grass City Review
As far as their Ayahuasca products, they have quite a few, but they also have shipping restrictions on quite a few of them.   Starting with what’s wide open, Grass City sells Chaliponga (Diplopterys cabrerana) in quantities of 20 grams.  This has no shipping restrictions.  That’s really it if you  live in France.  Those guys need to loosen up even more than the U.S., I guess because the rest of the stuff won’t ship to France at all.   BUT, if you live in the U.S., you can also  grab the Banisteriopsis Caapi, what’s known as the ayahuasca vine, in 50 gram quantities.  The only place they won’t ship this is, you guessed it – France.   Also, check out the chacrun leaves, or Psychotria viridis, another key ingredient in the ayahuasca recipe.  Again, ban hammer for the French.   Finally, both the U.S. and France are excluded from enjoying the Mimosa hostilis.  Oh well, there are other places that will ship that.   Otherwise, Grass City has some nice stuff for the rest of the world.  They also sell lsa morning glory seeds, salvia, kratom and a ton of other great stuff.  Some they will ship to the U.S., some not.

Grass City takes several payment forms, including major credit cards, bank transfer and cash.  There are different shipping options and shipping costs vary by shipping type and your country but all packaging and customs labeling is discreet.    Grass City stands behind it’s products and services with a solid return policy and they have a long history of satisfied customers.  Give them a try for your next baby woodrose seeds or other lsa seeds purchase and be sure to come back in here and share your report.

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Botanical Spirit Review

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BotanicalSpiritShop Botanical Spirit Review

Botanical Spirit Shop is a true dedicated ethnobotanical and spiritual plant seller based in Canada that has not only a great line up of products and information for their customers but takes great pains to stay connected to them through their newsletters, mailings, Facebook group, and even on Twitter.m hostilis plant 225x300 Botanical Spirit Review

Their Ayahuasca products are just a few but are unique!  We haven’t found anyone else that is carrying a live Mimosa hostils plant or “Jurema”.  If you want to give growing this little gem a try yourself, this is your ticket – starting off with a well-established plant that is 5″-7″ tall.    They also have Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala) seeds for sale here.  So, that’s another Ayahuasca recipe ingredient that you can grow on your own.  Aside from this, they carry a ton of other great products that may be of interest.

Botanical Spirit has a generous list of payment options including major credit cards, money order, checks, cash, Interac email money transfer (Canada only) and mail orders are accepted.  Shipping is generally within 24 hours and shipping rates vary depending on what area of Canada you are in or if you are U.S.  If U.S., you’ll like pay around $7 for shipping.

Botanical Spirit Shop stands behind their product and service with a Satisfaction Guarantee and refund policy.  Certainly give them a try as a trusted source, pick up a live Mimosa hostilis plant and be sure to come back here and share your experience with us!

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What is Mimosa Hostilis and What are Its Effects?

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Mimosa hostilis is also popularly known as the Mimosa tenuiflora as well as Mimosa jurema. The rootbark of this herb plays an effective role in the history and psychedelic shamanism present as well. It is regarded as the only herb that is used as an oral ingested brew. This herb with nil aid of other plant induces the visionary experiences that resemble Ayahuasca. In the history of Brazil Mimosa bark is used in Vinho da Jurema which is considered to be a special preparation and ingestion of Mimosa hostilis. Jurema is even used as the commonest source by western people to prepare Anahuasca that is a potent brew with similar kind of psychopharmacology viz. MAO-inhibiting and DMT-bearing like Ayahuasca.


The effects of Mimosa hostilis              mimosa hostilis 300x225 What is Mimosa Hostilis and What are Its Effects?

Currently, Mimosa hostilis combined with Peganum harmala is used for the preparation of Anahuasca. This is an infusion of psychedelic with similar effects to Ayahuasca. The effects can be efficaciously described as the mental and physical purge altogether with a connection of 4 hour with the one which is otherwise imperceptible. This purge is not much strong as compared to the Ayahuasca. The intensity is dependent upon several factors. Some drinkers may have an initial weak effect and most of the drinkers could experience something similar to the low dose of psilocybin mushrooms or LSD which is combined with the stomach cramps for first two hours. With strong doses of Mimosa hostilis, drinkers may experience a drastic alteration in the reality interpretation or some type of transport of the entire senses to other dimension. Anahuasca is effectually known to reveal bright and dark side of vision. It tells stories of a drinker and everything that surrounds him or her in universe. Many drinkers may not get visions. However, they experience Anahuasca via other senses. Some drinkers get diarrhea and vomit. When jurema it taken alone effects are same. There is albeit of around three hours with less stomachache, nausea and related discomforts. If the extract made from Mimosa bark is used as incense then it could induce a 15 minute experience of psychedelic borrowing elements via experience of Anahuasca and the drastic alteration in reality’s interpretation or transport of entire senses to other dimension.


Exploring total information on Mimosa hostilis

Mimosa hostilis is used in variable doses viz. 5, 10 and 15 grams which are considered as low, normal and high dose respectively. For Anahuasca making jurema is powdered and formed into an infusion with hot water. Depending upon the method of brewer, this infusion is taken 1 to 24 hours. Some form 2 or more infusions from similar plant and add them together. In some cases acidifiers like lemon juice and vinegar are introduced to fasten the extraction. Typical boiling is 1.5 to 4 hours. The resultant liquid is ten boiled to small size and drunk 15 minutes to one hour after taking preparations of 3 – 4 gm or 50 – 150 gm of Banisteriopsis caapi respectively. A psychoactive liquid could be made from the powdered Mimosa bark in cold water.

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