Ayahuasca Recipe Remedies with Ayahuasca Vine

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Ayahuasca has been well known in the Amazonian rain forest for many years as a religious right and object of divination.  In order to reach your full potential with this vine, you are going to need to know how to prepare the ayahuasca recipe properly.  Improper preparations can cost you more than your good time, it could cost you your life.  That said, the ayahuasca vine does cause extreme amounts of euphoria, which is no doubt why you are on this page to begin with.  This particular ayahuasca recipe has been passed down through the ages and works very well if you follow the directions.

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Amazonian Ayahuasca Tea


3 kg of freshly picked ayahuasca vine

1 kg of fresh chacruna leaves

200 grams freshly picked tahuari bark (Tabebuia sp.)

A sufficient amount of water to allow for 8 hours of boiling

In a large pot or cylinder, add the 3 grams of freshly picked ayahuasca vine, 1 kg of fresh chacruna leaves, 200 grams of freshly picked tahuari bark (Tabebuia sp.), and the large amount of water.  If you have any admixtures (extra ingredients) to add, feel free. Many are now becoming fond of adding mimosa hostilis to their Ayahuasca brew.  That is quite acceptable and will add a whole new level to your ayahuasca experience. Let it boil down for 8 hours.  This is a sufficient amount of time to reduce the water volume.  Boil it down to 1 liter of liquid so that you end up with a highly potent mixture that will be more than enough to satisfy you.

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Here is a word of caution when dealing with Ayahuasca tea.  This is a very potent and euphoric vine.  It contains DMT, which is a well known drug.  If you have never had anything containing DMT before, be sure to always air on the side of extreme caution.  Too much, you could get hurt.  Too little and you’ll be disappointed.  Only highly experienced creators of concoctions should throw caution to the wind.  Have fun!

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The Ayahuasca Recipe That Induces Euphoria

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Ayahuasca recipes are able to induce extreme amounts of euphoria and closed eye visuals.  If you are a first time experimenter, you’re going to want to have someone experienced with the ayahuasca brew advising you and making sure you don’t go overboard.  It’s easy to overdose on these concoctions, so be very careful with your ayahuasca recipe preparation.  Boil it down too much, and you run the risk of a brew that is far too potent.  Boil it too little and you run the risk of a sub-par brew that isn’t worthy of your time.  This recipe will work out perfectly if you do it right, so as long as you are in the Amazon, you should be pretty safe.

peru 300x196 The Ayahuasca Recipe That Induces Euphoria


8 pieces of ayahuasca vine 30 cm long and 10 cm in diameter

1 chacruna leaves

12 leaves of chiric sanango (Brunfelsia grandiflora)

40 liters of water

Combine all the ingredients into a melting pot.  Add the water and boil it down for the entire day.  Strain the plant material out of the mixture and boil it down so that you are left with around a liter of brew.  This is going to be an extremely potent brew so ensure that you don’t drink too much of it.  Actually, do a test run.  Take a very small sip and wait.  Then, a few hours later, after you gauge the potency of the brew, take another sip if you need to.  By doing this with all your Ayahuasca recipes, you will ensure that you don’t overdose.  It’s very easy to overdose on Ayahuasca tea, so always air on the side of caution.

There are many admixtures (extra ingredients) you can use to make Ayahuasca recipes.  The added ingredients add both effects, flavor, and nice aromas.  Experimenting should be off limits to brand new users, but there are many, many more recipes to discover.

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Ayahuasca Recipe Notes for Brewers

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Ayahuasca is a well known psychoactive plant.  It comes in both yellow and black varieties with the black being the stronger of the two.  Black varieties are also known as thunder, while the yellow varieties are called heaven.  Used as a religious sacrament, this plant has a long history of use in the rain forests of the Amazon.  Inexperienced users of Ayahuasca tea should be very careful at least when starting out.  This vine can produced extreme bouts of nausea but there are ways to ensure you don’t fall victim to it.  This ayahuasca recipe is one of the very best, passed down through many years of religious divination in the Amazon.

When preparing Ayahuasca tea, you’re going to need to remember something.  There are many, many admixtures (additional ingredients) that you can add to improve the potency, smell, and quality of the mixture.  Alone, macerated ayahuasca vine isn’t enough by itself for most people.  Instead of just accepting a sub-par brew, most people add all kinds of additional ingredients.  You know what works for you, and there is no harm in trying to improve upon a recipe that is already fairly potent by itself.

Ayahuasca Divination Teapict ayahuasca trees 300x136 Ayahuasca Recipe Notes for Brewers

12 pieces of fresh ayahuasca vine (macerated)

200 leaves of oco YagE’

4-5 leaves of Jatropha Curcas

3 leaves of petaquina (Dieffenbachia sp.)

Enough water to allow for 12 hours of boiling

Combine all the ingredients together in a stainless steel melting pot.  Add the water and boil it down until there is only 1 liter of liquid left.  This will leave you with a breathtakingly potent ayahuasca brew mixture that is sure to please.

Here is a second ayahuasca recipe that is also highly prized by the people of the Amazon.

brewing1 300x202 Ayahuasca Recipe Notes for Brewers

Ayahuasca Meditation Tea

30-40 pieces of Ayahuasca vine

200-300 chacruna leaves

Several leaves of ajo sacha (Mansoa alliasea)

Several leaves of Mucura (Petiveria alliacea)

Several leaves of guayusa

Enough water for 12 hours of boiling

First, get yourself a large melting pot, preferably stainless steel.  Add all the ingredients together.  Add the water and boil for 12 hours until you are left with around 1 liter of liquid.  Three extractions should be made with this method, as the ingredients keep some of their potency.

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Ayahuasca Recipe For Healing And Spiritual Power

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The Ayahuasca vine is an incredibly powerful plant material indeed.  The people of the Amazon have been using the ayahuasca recipe and others like it for many, many years.  You can commonly find people of the Amazon rain forest drinking decoctions of this sort to enhance their sense of well being and to ensure their place with the Gods.  There are many different ayahuasca recipe combinations, but all of them center around the bark of the Ayahuasca plant (Banisteriopsis caapi).  You can make this recipe easily if you follow the instructions provided.  It will yield a substantial amount of liquid and allow you to reach higher states of awareness.  That said, let’s get to the recipe.

Recipe of the Shipibopan1 Ayahuasca Recipe For Healing And Spiritual Power


3 kg fresh ayahuasca vine

1 kg chacruna leaves

4 bobinzana flowers

10-20 cigarros of mapacho variety tobacco (Nicotiana rustica)

5-10 drops of perfume

This method of preparing Ayahuasca tea is fairly simple.  Although there are added ingredients that you may not recognize, this brew is just as potent as the previous recipes mentioned.  Boil the combination of all of the ingredients for approximately 12 hours.  Add 90 liters of water and let the preparation boil for 12 hours.  After the first initial pass, add the same amount of water and make a second extraction.  Then a third.  Combine all the water together and boil over a low heat until only a fraction of the liquid is left that you started with.

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CAUTION:  Never, EVER just gulp one of these recipes down and hope for the best.  This is very powerful medicine and can hurt you if you consume too much.  Start slowly with a sip or two and wait the time it takes to gauge the effects.  This is powerful Amazonian medicine and is not to be toyed around with or taken lightly.  That said, have a great experience!

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Ayahuasca Recipe For Divination And Hope

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This Ayahuasca recipe is one of the most famous.  You can put this recipe together quickly and easily, making for a Amazonian brew that is sure to bring healing and divination.  It may seem difficult at first, but you’ll get the hang of each individual recipe after the first couple preparations.  Ayahuasca is capable of producing strong euphoria and extreme visuals.  The people of the Amazon treasure these types of preparations in order to reach a higher state of consciousness and heightened awareness.  Let’s get to the recipe.aya chacruna prep 001white Ayahuasca Recipe For Divination And Hope

Ayahuasca Tea


1 kg of fresh Ayahuasca vine

50 Chacruna leaves

Directions: Combine both the leaves of the Chacruna and the Ayahuasca vine together and boil in 25-30 liters of water for approximately 2 hrs.  Once the 2 hours is up, pour the water from this first preparation into a separate container.  Then, add another 25-30 liters of water to the plant material for another extraction (you can make more than one extraction from the plant material provided).  The second boiling process should take approximately 2 hours to complete.  Then, pour the second pass water into another container and make a third extraction following the same process as above.  Then, combine all the extracted liquid together and evaporate under a low fire until only about a liter of liquid remains.  Overall, the entire boiling and combining process should only take about 12 hours.  Store the preparation in a glass container, as this is the safest method of storage.  Or, if you want to use it at a later date, you can store the remaining Ayahuasca tea in the freezer to preserve the potency.

If you are not sure where or how to obtain your ingredients for this recipe, head over to our ayahuasca reviews home page where we can point you in the right direction, regardless of what country you live in.  Be sure to share this ayahuasca recipe with all your closest friends.   In the Amazon, you can sell this concoction and make a substantial profit as well as reach a higher state of awareness and consciousness for yourself.

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